"Your app is fantastic. It makes my life so much easier!"

This is what every business owner wants to hear about their app or website, right? And yet, maybe conversions aren't as high as they should be.
Users get a bit lost.
Others just disappear.

If only it were easy to build a supremely usable app that meets all the business and user goals just like that.
But it isn't.
This is why user experience (UX) methods exist after all.
But I know you don't have time to study all the blog posts and books.
I know you don't have the headspace to do a UX project on a pizza delivery service to then have to abstract the learnings out to your own business (unless it happens to be a pizza delivery service!).
I know you're not yet in a position to outsource or hire a UX agency. At least not right now.
I also know you're happy to get your hands dirty, you want to see results; it's your vision after all.

This is the reason why I have put together a programme, to help people like you. Packaged into a jargon-free format which is easy-to-consume and to take action on, you just need to show up for 5 quick weeks.

Tony Radford owner of myproactivebusiness.com joined the programme in September.
"After working with Liz, I have a clear idea. Nothing was quite right. I didn't know how to fix it. I came away with a plan".

If you want to have a plan too, book a free consultation with me.

Don't miss out. Starting soon!

Let's talk and see if my programme is a good fit for you to achieve the goals for your app or website. That way, you'll be first in the queue next time we run it!

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    Liz Parham

    UX specialist
    MSc Ecommerce

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    About me

    I have been working in user experience (UX) for the best part of 20 years.

    Now I am helping small business owners make sure their apps are aligned with their vision and frustration-free so their customers keep coming back.

    Book a FREE consultation with me here.

    I care about your success.
    After 20 years working in UX, I have read the books, applied the techniques, seen what works, and now I have condensed it all down to 4 steps based on the design thinking methodology and lean UX.

    About you

    You have an app or web your business depends on. It might be small, but you're convinced it's got promise.

    You have access to developers, but knowing what to improve first and the impact it will have is a struggle. You want to use your time and resources wisely.

    You want to stop tinkering, get focused, make tangible progress, and improve the user experience.

    If you're wondering if I can help you, let's talk and find out.